Classroom Management

Our Johnston BEAR Pledge:

At Johnston Elementary, we are a family of life-long learners. We put forth our BEST EFFORT, ENCOURAGE OTHERS, ACT RESPONSIBILY, SHOW RESPECT, and are SAFE at all times. We are the Johnston Bears, even when no one is watching.

Establishing a safe, fun, caring classroom is essential in ensuring each student reaches his full potential this school year.  Please read the class expectations, rewards, and consequences and discuss them with your child. 

Class Expectations

Best effort: Come prepared and try your hardest.

Encourage others:Be kind and helpful to others.

Act responsibly: Work quietly in your area.

Respect: Look at and listen to others .

Safety: Keep hands, feet, and other object to yourself.

Classroom Behavior

Purple Your child made excellent choices today and was an example to his classmates.

Blue Your child made great choices today.

Green     Your child had a good day.  (This is where each child starts their day.)

Yellow  Your child had a difficult day and needed many reminders.

Red Your child had severe difficulty today and had a consequence.

Positive Reinforcements

  1. Positive verbal praise
  2. Thumbs up by teacher
  3. You child may also earn “BEARS tickets” for individual positive behavior. They can earn these at any time and from any adult in the school for following the “BEARS rules.”

Things you can earn with BEARS tickets:

Sidewalk chalk at recess(10 tickets)
Smelly/shiny stickers (10 tickets)
Homework pass(20 tickets)
Wear slippers for the day(20 tickets)
Extra computer time(30 tickets)
Choose a mystery reader(30 tickets)
Extra art time(30 tickets)
Extra music time(30 tickets)
Choose music for the class to listen to while working(40 tickets)
Wear a hat for the day(40 tickets)
Lunch with a buddy from another class(60 tickets)
Sit at teacher’s desk for the day(60 tickets)

Write with aspecial marker or pen for the day(60 tickets)
Stuffed animal on your desk for the day(60 tickets)
Extra 15 minutes recess(80 tickets)
Read with a buddy from another class(80 tickets)
Lunch with principal (100 tickets)


1.Verbal warning
2.Students walk for the first 10 minutes of recess.
3.Silent lunch
4.A note will be sent home if your child is on red.
5.A note and phone call home and possible administrative consequences such as in-school suspension, etc…will be given at the discretion of the principal when and if a school discipline referral is necessary…etc…hitting another student if your child is on red.
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