Dates of current Family Engagement Activities

Title I Family Engagement Policy and Dates of Events
Family Engagement Dates:  School year 2018-2019
-Title One Annual Meeting: September 25, 2:45 to 4:00
-Parent conferences: Oct 11 to 22
-ESL Night: Oct. 30, 4:15 to 5:15
-K‐2 Community Night: October 30, 5:15 ‐ 6:30
-3‐4 NC Night : March 19,  5:15 ‐ 6:30
-Multicultural Night :  April 23, 5:15‐6:30
-Talent Show:  May 14, 5:15 to 6:30


History: Title I funding began as a part of the Great Society Program of President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965 under the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act.) The intent of the law was to provide services to students who had needs that were not addressed in any other funding—those who were not handicapped but who were not working up to their grade placement. This law continued until 1980 when ECIA (Education Consolidation and Improvement Act) was enacted continuing the same basic provisions as ESEA. 1994 saw another change for this funding to IASA (Improving America’s Schools Act). The major changes to this legislation came in two forms: Allotting funding to schools on the basis of number of low-income students rather than number of those who could not read; and making selection of students more school based. Title I ESEA, was in operation from 1965-1980. Chapter I ECIA, was in operation from 1980-1994. Chapter 1 ECIA, became Title 1 IASA, in 1994. In the 2001 reauthorization Title I is referred to as “No Child Left Behind”.

As a parent of a student in a Title I elementary school, you have the right to know the professional qualification of the classroom teachers or paraprofessionals who instruct your child. Federal law, No Child Left Behind allows you to ask for this information from the school's principal. Contact the principal in writing if you would like to receive this information. The information will be provided within one week of your written request.

Johnston Title I Family Engagement Policy

The Title I staff and faculty of Johnston Elementary School believe the education of each child is a partnership between the parent or guardian, the child and the school. This partnership is documented in the Students/Parent/School Compact that is cosigned by each student, his/her guardian, a Title I teacher, classroom teacher and the principal. This document shows that we are all agreeing to work together to help each child succeed.

Johnston Elementary believes the involvement of parents greatly enhances the effectiveness of our program and increases the success of each child. Therefore, Johnston Elementary School Title I will provide opportunities to involve parents and guardians in meaningful activities throughout the year. These opportunities will include a wide variety of materials and training in literacy to help parents and caregivers work with their children.

Assessments are an on-going process in all schools.  The alphabetical and numeric level of students is difficult to understand. The Johnston Title I team will provide assistance to parents and guardians in understanding the placement of their student for small group reading instruction. We will also help in understanding the student’s current reading level and the goal we will strive to achieve as a team.

Johnston Elementary School also believes communication between school and home is essential to the success of each child.  The Johnston Elementary School Title I team will provide clear and consistent communication between staff and parents regarding meetings and school functions in a variety of ways including newsletters, emails, phone calls, and the school website in the parent’s home language. Parents will also be given the opportunity to confer with Title I staff to discuss their child being served by Title I.