STEM @ Home

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STEM Ideas @ Home

Design and create a Foosball game with available materials.  What is Foosball? You might need to do some research. Can you substitute materials if you don't have these?  You may need to ask an adult to help with cutting.  (Remember plan first and test first...materials are likely limited and cuts are usually permanent)
long tissue box or narrow shoe box 
9 clothespins
5 straws 
small ball
* You may need to ask an adult for assistance with cutting, especially if you don't have scissors.

No Hands Maze
Design and create a maze with materials found at home.  Then, navigate an object through the maze without using your hands.

Build a Bridge
Listen to the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff using the link
Afterwards, design and create a free-standing bridge using materials found at home (clothespins, small twigs, Popsicle/craft sticks, paper, etc...) that could hold the "billy goats." Use coins to substitute for the goats.  How many coin "goats" can you support with your created bridge?  Could you improve your bridge or create more than one type of bridge?

Paper Chair Engineer
Design and create a chair that can support a stuffed animal using only paper and tape.

Feed the Birds
Observe the birds that you see around your house.  Find out what kind they are and complete some research on them (types of beaks, what they eat, habits, etc....) Afterwards, design and create a bird feeder using recycled materials from around the house. (If you find materials outside and decide to use them, have an adult help you with collection and cleaning.  Don't collect them on your own.  Remember, JES Mighty Bears choose to be "safe at all times.")

Tower of Patience
Use cards (playing cards, index cards, etc...) to create the tallest tower possible.  (Use only cards-no tape or other adhesive.)
Please note: It will fall...likely lots of times.  You will get frustrated-don't give up.