Use Your Target REDCard and help Johnston

Use Your Target REDCard and help Johnston
Posted on 09/01/2017

Target $

Thanks to parents, teachers and other supporters in our community, our school can benefit from Target's Take Charge of Education program. The program is one of the easiest ways to raise funds for anything our school needs.

Here's how the program works: When school supporters enroll and use their Target REDcard, Target will donate up to 1% of every purchase made with their card to Johnston Elementary. (REDcards can be either a Target VISA, a Target Credit Card, or a Target Check Card.)
Visit Target's website to find out how you can participate in the program. Our school ID is 79537.
* The total of all Target donations to Johnston through September is over $290.00!! Imagine what it can be if you use your REDcard during the holiday season!!