Wind Stirring Up Knowledge at Johnston Elementary

Wind Stirring Up Knowledge at Johnston Elementary
Posted on 12/06/2021
Wind Stirring Up Knowledge at Johnston ElementaryBy: Breanna Hensley
BCS Communications Dept.

The wind whipped through Johnston Elementary’s STEM Lab as students tackled a unique challenge and creativity flowed. Ms. Wendy Rice’s second grade class conducted an experiment with the natural movement of air by designing their own wind chimes.

Over the course of a week students worked in teams to create, design, and test wind chimes. They chose from a list of recycled materials including paper, buttons, and old DVDs.

Ms. Rice said, “Sometimes working through the relational skills needed for effective teamwork is the most challenging part of the project for students. Sharing ideas and coming together in collaboration is a skill needed into adulthood.”

Once each group completed a windchime, they tested them by using a fan for wind. Ms. Rice placed the fan at different speeds and motion. The goal was to design a wind chime that could be heard up to six feet away. And, as simple as the task seemed, many students quickly discovered it was a lot more difficult than first expected.

Plenty of teams figured out that one style did not work best for their windchime, so they went back to the drawing board. Some students wished they had different materials such as glue and a hook. This helped the class learn if one way wasn’t working to try something different.

“All of the Mighty Bears in this class agreed that this project was quite challenging, but they were proud that they worked through the difficulties and didn't give up,”stated Ms. Rice

Now this bright group of students can tell you about windchimes, teamwork, wind speed, and direction.

Wind Stirring Up Knowledge at Johnston Elementary