Danna Grimes, Principal


Dedicated to Student Success!

2nd Grade Selfie

It is an honor to be selected by the Buncombe County School's Leadership team to serve as your school's principal.  Johnston was my first teaching assignment when I relocated to Asheville with my family in 2008.  I love this community and will dedicate my time and resources in proving that Johnston is an excellent place to learn and grow.

Our job is to create the foundation for learning that will take our students through to the twelfth grade and beyond.  This foundation will secure the skills they will need to be competitive in the future they choose for themselves. 
With a strong educational foundation, we know that all students can learn and be successful in life.

Johnston is a special place where students learn that all staff members believe in their abilities and work hard to ensure they are successful.  Please don't hesitate to call or come by the office if you need to speak with me about anything.  I encourage you to volunteer in our school, so that you too, will be a part of this wonderful community!

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