School Improvement

Each year our school sets a strategic plan for success with many strategies.  This plan is called our School Improvement Plan (SIP).  We invite you to learn more about our strategic plan by logging into where North Carolina Public Schools manage their SIPs.  Local boards of education of low-performing schools shall include with their online plans a brief explanation that low-performing identification continues pending assessment data from the 20-21 school year.  

JES Guest Log In 


SIT Members 2020-2021
Administrator- Anna Austin
Assistant Principal- Stephanie Stroupe
Instructional Assistant Representative- Iva Seals
Kindergarten Rep- Kate Lawson
1st Grade Rep- David Reinhardt
2nd Grade Rep-Kelly Wilson
3rd Grade Rep- Shannon LaBrecque  
4th Grade Rep-Monica Elder
Specialists- Canaan Frisby SIT Chair 
Support Staff-Veronika Hagewood
Parent Representative- Candace Clark


All meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month. 
During Plan B Model our team meets virtually at 2:30pm.