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School Improvement Team Minutes

Date: 10-5-17

Present: Representatives - Curley-Dempsey(Specialist), Downing (4), Pace (3), Triplett (2)

Williams (1), Lawson (K), Lashlee (Title 1), Grimes (Admin), and Stroupe (Admin)



  1. Cafeteria support for lunchtime

  • The need for additional support for grades 2, 3, and 4 is needed.

  • We will assign the new media specialist to the lunchroom at 11:45 - 12:15, Monday - Thursday

  • Teachers need to bring their students and get the students starting in line so that the assistant can watch those students who are already at the tables. Teachers can reteaching procedures, Bear Paws are working and students are responding to the red/green cups for eating and talking.

     2. Planning time

  • Ms. Grimes presented the Teacher Time document from the School Improvement Plan.  It stated the following: All grade-level classroom teachers will have a duty-free planning and a common planning day during their specialist classes as well as after-school each day. Teacher Assistants and Specialists cover second load buses to allow planning for teachers. Specialists have duty-free planning throughout the day.

  • In reviewing this document, it was decided by the team to re address second load duty that had been currently assigned to Teachers and Instructional Assistants.

  • In order to be in compliance with the SIT plan, Instructional Assistants and Specialists will be assigned to second load duty beginning Tuesday, 10/10. A plan was created by Ms. Grimes and shared with staff on Friday, 10/6/17.

  • Next, the team determined that all grade level teachers will participate in PLCs every Monday, each team will choose a second day to plan together, and then the remaining days of the week where classes have specials, the teacher will plan personally including at least 4 afternoons during second load.  This means a minimum of 360 (6 hours) minutes a week for planning, including at least 270 minutes (4.5 hours) per week of personal planning on Mondays. ,

     3. Power Hour Additional Help

  • Mrs. Spurling will be available for Second Grade at 10:55 each day.

     4. Clubs on Wednesday

  • Specialists work with 3rd grade to move specials so the students don't miss clubs.

  • We need more supervision when clubs are dismissed.

    • Clubs are from 1:45 - 2:15 and teachers can dismiss at 2:15 without a message over the intercom.

    • Clubs are a privilege and students will have an alternate assignment if they receive an office referral.

     5. mClass grading standards

  • This will be addressed at our PD on 10/9/17

  • We want to look at established school wide common procedures with regards curriculum.

     6. Mop in cafeteria still not in place

  • Ms. Grimes confirmed that a mop will be placed in the trash area by the Head Custodian to clean up minor spills.

     7. Snack baskets delivered to hallway intersections

  • Ms. Grimes confirmed that snack is ready by 8:30 each morning.  We will move to the intersection so that students/staff can have easy access.

     8. Possibility of a spreadsheet for cumulative records

  • To alleviate missing information, a google spreadsheet will be created using the Cumulative records checklist

  • Office will work on this - It will be optional for grade levels.

Other Items

  • Donations - a family where the aunt taught here and wants to make a donation to our school. Team votes for a 4th bench for the playground.

  • Parental Involvement and food for K-2 Community night

    • We will teach something to parents that they can do at home to support student learning

Grade Level Reports

K: No report at this time

1: Working with other staff to collaborate on some discipline concerns with specific students

2: No report at this time

3: No report at this time

4: Celebrated a student who participated more than usual

Specialists: We are working on groups for social - emotional needs

  • Celebrated a student who participated for the first time

Title 1: There have been some disruptions in the schedule due to meetings at the county office and absences due to illness.

  • Friday is the last day for Boot Camp, we will discuss our new groups at our PD day


  • Dance-PTO would like to hold a dance on Friday, February 16th for Valentines. They wanted to plan on for the spring since we are doing one in November. They are thinking about how much to charge and will talk about it in future meetings.

  • Flu Shot Clinic on October 13th

  • Another parent works for Dr. Rodriguez, a local dentist. They put on a dental clinic for the staff at West Buncombe last year and wanted to know if we would like to do one. The clinic would be at a discounted price.

  • Their next meeting is scheduled for November 9th at 8:00

  • Wendy's Nights-They have made approximately $600. The next one is Tuesday, November 7th. They are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month. PTO wanted to know if you would add this information to your all call on Sundays.

  • Santa Secret Shop-The dates are December 12, 13, and 14. They previously held the shop in Thomas' old room. They are looking for a location for this year. They will also need volunteers. I asked them to make sure that they volunteers are on the approved list. I told them that it might be a good idea to start working on this now.

  • The plaques for Saturday have been donated.

  • Penny War Fundraiser-The fundraiser will be October 23rd-November 3rd. They would like to start collecting 2 Liter drink bottles to hold the pennies now. I will send an e-mail to the staff.

  • Wendys October 3rd 5-8pm, November 7th 5-8pm, December 5th5-8pm

  • Fatz November 4th 8-10am (will some need staff to waitress, hold signs )

  • Goodwill November 28-December 12th

  • Santa Shop Week of December 11th-15th

  • Gift Giveaway December 15th


  • Our School Grade

    • Ms. Grimes reviewed our school grade, proficiency for reading and math, and growth status.  We are one of 5 D rated schools in the county.  Our focus on reading to move from 30% to 50% is our number one academic goal for the school year

  • Budget

    • Ms. Grimes reviewed the current bank account records with the team

  • Hiring Needs

    • Ms. Grimes and a team will be interviewing for a 3rd grade assistant on Friday 10/6

  • Master Schedule - Ms. Grimes has concerns about the current schedule developed by last years SIT Team (who most are not employed at JES this year).  Discussion was held to look at extending specials times, moving K Power Hour,

    • A decision was made to discuss this at next month’s meeting but in the meantime, shorten K Power Hour to two 20 minute rotations so classes can get in morning meeting before going to power hour.

  • Jamboree Time 11/9 1:45 gym

    • Invite - Ms. Grimes will create an invite in 3 languages to send home to families whose student will receive an award

    • K-2 students will sit in rows of chairs in front of the stage and 3-4 will sit on the bleachers closer to the stage on either side.

    • The new Student Council will help to facilitate the ceremony

    • We are looking to showcase students during the ceremony - Mr. Martin may provide a performance with the Drama Club students

    • Ms. Grimes will create a Google Doc for teachers to place the award winners on by 11/1, so that families will get a week’s notice.