Student Leadership

“Leadership Recognized is Leadership Created”

 At Johnston Elementary, we know that we are growing tomorrow’s leaders. We believe leadership is something that each student has the opportunity to experience.  We teach our students that everyone can be a leader, but it is a choice that they must make.

Here are some of our Growing Leaders programs that help promote leadership skills:

Bear Team Time: We set aside the first few minutes each day to work on character, social skills, and our community

Student Leadership Opportunities:  Safety Patrol, Computer Lab Attendants, Media Assistants, News Anchors and Technicians, School Announcement Readers, Custodian Helpers, Classroom Jobs, Leadership Council

Growing Leaders Student Recognition: Staff at Johnston nominate student leaders who have been “caught” being a leader

Talent Show: Our yearly talent show gives students opportunities to share talents and their hard work with others.  

Student Mentoring: Students young and old are given opportunities to help others learn and grow through formal and informal activities.

Explorer Groups: Each grade level has social skills groups that meet weekly with select students to target skills that help our students grow into their full potential and beyond.

Caterpillar Groups: These skills groups are designed especially for kindergarten students at Johnston to reinforce and grow the skills needed to learn using a small group setting

Mistakes Happen Here:  Helping students learn and grow from their mistakes is the foundation of our discipline strategy.  We strive to be proactive not reactive by using restitution and re-teaching as our primary disciple strategies.

2nd Step:  We use the Second Step program to teach our students that leadership starts with ourselves and then becomes something we can give back.  It also provides a common language for our school culture and helps to learn social and emotional skills.