Meet the Teacher Support

Meet the Teacher Support

Below  are a few resources that may help you with your Virtual Meet the Teacher meetings.

Download the PDF:  Meet the Teacher Support PDF 


You can share these with your Parents and Students if you are preparing for  a Zoom meeting.

Zoom Installation Directions for Students - English

Zoom Installation Directions for Students - Spanish

How to access Software Center (Video)


These videos and instructions may be helpful if you are creating a video for your Meet the Teacher to post on your website.  (for example  a Virtual Classroom Tour )


Different Ways to Make a Video

Instructions on How to Add Video to a Webpage


 Adding a Google Slide link or Embed Code to your Webpage (Video)                                 


*A refresher Google Slide Guide with tips on editing your webpage


ASK-A-DLF- Live Zoom Drop-ins (MONDAY - AUGUST 10)

On Monday, August 10th, from 1:30 - 3 pm, we will have open Zoom meetings to assist you with the tools you may need immediately.

Feel free to hop into the one that applies to you in order to ask individual questions or seek specific help. We will be on call to help with individual needs.


Zoom Link for ZOOM Questions

Zoom Link for Teacher Website Questions

Zoom Link for Screencastify Questions