Boss, Kimberly-ESL

Hello Friends! Hola amigos! (Spanish) Tomodachi, Konnichi wa! (Japanese)  

My name is Ms. Boss.  I have been teaching for about twenty years!  

As an ESL teacher, I really enjoy helping students improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills so that they can be successful in their classroom.  It is my job to help students no matter their level of English. When students are in my room I want them to feel safe and that they are a part of a learning community.  Also, I want them to feel confident and competent every day! I enjoy teaching ESL at Johnston Elementary because I get to work with students from Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador as well as Russia, Ukraine, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands.  I learn so much from my students.

I have been teaching ESL in Buncombe County Schools for 12 years.  This is my third year at Johnston Elementary. I work here every afternoon.  I work at Eblen Intermediate School every morning. I like working at the two schools.  I get to see some of the 4th graders I worked with at Johnston last year.   Also, I enjoy working in the ESL classroom with my colleague Mrs. Hagewood, and with the dedicated and kind staff here at Johnston Elementary.    

Here is a little more about me:  I love to hike, do yoga, bicycle and social dance!  I taught English to Japanese children and adults when I was a university student in Japan for one year.  After getting a degree in International Business, I realized I missed teaching so I returned to school to get another degree in Elementary Education.  I am qualified to teach elementary students in grades K-6 and English Learners in grades K-12. I worked in Florida for seven years teaching grades 1,2 and 3.  Then, I had an opportunity to teach gr. 2 at an international school in Malaysia for a year! After this, I moved to Asheville and taught English to adults at Haywood Community College for a year before coming to teach in Buncombe County Schools.