Hagewood, Veronika - ESL

Hello My Name Is...

Veronika Hagewood

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                             Contact me at veronika.hagewood@bcsemail.org
                             Office Hours :  9am -  1pm

                                              Welcome to My Classroom!

                                     Hello! Hola! Buna Ziua! Privet! Labas!

Educational Background:
Master's Degree in Russian Language and Literature
                                           Bachelor's Degree in English
                                           ESL Certification K-12

I come from Lithuania, one of the three Baltic States. I used to teach Russian to Lithuanian students and later on English as a foreign language to Russian students. I was born in Russia and lived there until I turned ten. Then my family moved to Lithuania, the country where my father was from. I obtained my degree in Russian from Kiev University in Ukraine. While teaching Russian in Lithuania, I worked on my second degree in English. After a little while I started teaching English as a foreign language in Lithuania. Soon after that I married an American and moved to the US. The most interesting thing about my life is that God gave me the opportunity to live and learn in four different countries and cultures. It has been a wonderful experience of my life!! I started working as an ESL teacher in the Newcomer Center with Buncombe County Schools and after that I was transferred and worked in several other schools in the area. This is my 4th year at Johnston and I'm happy to be part of this wonderful and caring staff!!