Education Links


This is an interactive, learning site for students preK-5th grade.  In the Kindergarten link, students will learn their ABCs, 123s, about holidays, problem solving, and strategy games.

Buncombe County Public Library

Visit the Buncombe County Public Library.  You can see what they are offering here all over the county.

Illuminations Math

A site for all grade levels where your child can practice math skills they are learning each and every day.  OR they can challenge themselves and try new skills and concepts. Simply select the grade level you want to work in then click search... 

Have fun exploring!

Kindergarten Games

Here, students can find and play fun games where they can learn while they play.  This is the free accompaniment to the learning program, Brainzy.

Spelling and Vocabulary

This is an interactive spelling, vocabulary, and reading site.


This is a free website to help with reading and math skills.