Lashlee, Sarah - Title 1

sarah lashlee

Ms. Lashlee - Title I Teacher
I am a Title I Reading Teacher at Johnston. I teach small group reading in all grades. I also work with some individual students on specific reading skills. During Virtual Learning Days I can help you with ideas for reading at home. You can ask me for help Monday through Friday.
My office hours are 9:00 to 3:00.

Here a few reading websites that can help your child learn at home: (Most of you already have an account with Ready Rosie. IF you don't , contact your child's teacher to send your fun learning videos.)
imagine (K-3 students have an app on their devices) (K-3 students have an app on their devices)

about Ms. Lashlee

 I have a Bachelors Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Vanderbilt University and a Masters Degree in Special Education from Western Carolina University. I taught special education with a focus on autism for 14 years. I enjoyed training camp counselors and teachers to work with students with autism during many summers. I have been a reading teacher in Buncombe County Schools since 2007. I feel that reading is the foundation for all learning. I want to help all of my students become great readers and establish a love of reading.