Links for Parents
Parenting a gifted child is enriching and challenging!  The websites listed below include information about academics, socio-emotional needs, critical thinking activities, and problem solving strategies.
Curriculum and Academics
Common Core State Standards:
NC Essential Standards for Other Content Areas:

BCS AIG Plan 2016-2019          

AIG Plan 2016-2019 Powerpoint Overview

Gifted Awareness and Socio-Emotional Needs
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page:
North Carolina Association for Gifted and Talented:
National Association for Gifted Children:
Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted:
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking 
The Art of Problem Solving:
Mensa for Kids: 

Benefits of Board Games
Ten Reasons to Play Board Games With Your Kids: 
Board Games and Critical Thinking Skills: 
The Ten Most Important Board Games Played in History: