Links for Students
The websites listed below offer opportunities to pursue, when you find yourself with nothing to do.
Slide the red car to the exit, using the fewest moves.  You can down load the app, too.
Embark on a world wide journey, without leaving home!  You are dropped off somewhere and need to figure out where in the world you are!  This game is highly addictive!!!
Move your tiles together to form the sum of 2048.  This game is extremely addictive!!!! 
Ken Ken Puzzles:
Created in 2004, Ken Ken uses basic math operations, logic, and problem-solving skills.  You can download the app, too.
The Kid Story is a blog Lucy Hollister started when she was in kindergarten; she's currently a seventh grader.  She has links to just about everything you can think of.
Science Friday: 
Science Friday offers entertaining and gross science stories.  The web site is available all day, every day; the radio show is on Fridays from two o'clock until four o'clock Eastern Standard Time.
The Exploratorium is an eye-opening, playful place-in San Francisco and online- to explore how the world works. 
How Stuff Works:
This in an interesting web site offering knowledge, puzzles, and quizzes.  You will be amazed at how little you know!!
This site teaches you about the mind of animals.  It is very interesting. 
Coding Sites
With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations- and share your creations with other in the online community.
Solve puzzles, using programming logic.  You can download the app too!