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Bring your BEE Book
 ~Daily Folders~
Be sure to check the Purple Folder every day.  There will be important notes, reminders, and forms that require your attention, as well as your student's assignments from the week! Remember to return the folder to school EVERY DAY.  You can keep the things in the "Keep at Home" pocket at home.  

 Nightly Reading

Your student will bring home a Reading Log each Monday-Thursday.  Students should read silently each night for AT LEAST 20 minutes. After reading each night, students should complete the reading log for that night.  A Parent/guardian should also initial the Reading Log each night.  This indicates that you are aware that your student did complete the nightly reading, and that you have looked over the Reading Log.  The Reading Log is due EVERY FRIDAY.
Nightly reading will help your student become a great reader and is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your child.
Thank you, and Happy Reading!!

Happy Reading!
Even in 3rd grade, we sometimes come to words we don't know!  Below is a list of strategies for your child to try when they come to a word they don't know. 
When I Read:
I can look at the illustrations. (pictures) 
I can tap it out or sound it out. 
I can think about what makes sense.
I can read the sentence again.
I can check for endings I know.
I can look for chunks I know.
I can skip the word and read on.
I can ask for help.
When you read with your child, ask questions about the story:

Who are the characters?
What is the setting?
Was there a problem in this story?  How was it solved?
Were there any tricky words in this story?
How did this story make you feel? 
Can you make a connection to the story?
Describe the character traits of the main character.
What might have been a different ending to the story:

Thank you for  all of your support!