COVID Resources

We are honored to have a partnership with Curamericas Global, the selected agency of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to lead the Statewide Health Initiative During COVID-19, addressing the incredible issue of inequities and access to healthcare and vital resources, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic,”

IFPHA and Curamericas will be working directly with community health workers, training them to identify and connect underserved families with vital resources, including food, COVID-19 testing sites, unemployment offices, transportation resources and more. In order to improve the health of these individuals and families, we must understand the unique needs of their community and connect them to resources – whether that’s food, internet services or information about the coronavirus. We have been an ally to African-American and Latinx communities across Western Carolina, making daily calls, door to door home visits when needed to ensure families have the resources, providing education, resources, and support needed to navigate this pandemic.

Curamericas’ partnership with NCDHHS will leverage NCCARE360, the nation’s first statewide technology platform that coordinates the work of organizations addressing non-medical drivers of health, such as food, housing, transportation, employment, and more.