Our School

Welcome to Johnston Elementary School.

We are a school-wide Title 1 Buncombe County School that serves students in Kindergarten through 4th grade. We currently have about 200 students enrolled .

Our mission is to empower our diverse students to develop their unique potential and character in order to assume responsibilities of citizenship and leadership and be able to thrive in a challenging and rapidly changing global community.

Parent involvement is a proven element in the success of students throughout their education. The elementary years are crucial in the development of good work habits. Your support and participation in your child's education is vital. We invite you to take an active role at home and school whenever possible. Open communication is essential between home and school. We want to address any questions or concerns to your child's teacher at a conference.

At Johnston, we are dedicated to providing every child in our care with the best opportunity to learn and grow. We are committed to the success of every child and are proud of a program which offers children a chance to excel, developing basic skills and competence in critical thinking and problem solving, appreciation for the arts, a high regard for important character traits, and the opportunity to develop socially.