Purpose and Direction Statements

Johnston Elementary School

Mission Statement: Why we are here
Johnston Elementary School’s mission is to cultivate and environment where diversity is celebrated, connections are forged, and students are empowered to realize their full potential in an ever-changing, global society. We strive to nurture each child's emotional and academic intelligence, building lasting connections and providing a safe space for children to develop the skills needed to thrive in our rapidly changing global community.

Vision Statement: What we aim to do
Johnston Elementary School will establish a culture that is student-centered, safe, and inviting; resulting in positive behavior and academic outcomes.

Belief Statements: Our Core Values

  1. Each student is a valued individual with unique and diverse needs.

  2. Learning is achieved through a collaborative effort of our students, teachers, parents, and community resources.

  3. Diversity is a strength that prepares us for a global society.

  4. Curriculum and instructional practices are data driven and accommodate different learning styles to meet high expectations.

  5. Students need to be engaged in their own learning in a supportive and safe environment.

  6. Healthy students are most likely to be successful.

  7. Our staff must continually strive to develop their professional practice in order to provide high quality instruction and support.